How to develop a hello world jsp page

In this tutorial you will learn how to develop the hello world jsp page and you will access it from browser. We will use the apace tomcat as web server for our application, this tutorial shows you to create the JSP page in web application, and as you know that web server generate the servlet of it, it will show you how the generated servlet looks like.

We will use the eclipse for creating the jsp page, below are the steps mentioned which are require for developing JSP page.

Steps require developing the JSP page

Once you create your web application using eclipse, you can create the helloWorld.jsp file form new menu, and put it into root directory of your web application as shown below.


Once you created the jsp page open it and write the simple text as “Hello every body,” , save the jsp and build your web application and deploy it in tomcat.

Now you can access created jsp using URL, below screen shot shows you how the page looks after accessing jsp file from browser.