How to set up maven for development

This tutorial will help you to install the maven and setup maven for your development.

First you need to download the latest version of Maven from the here.

Download maven and extract the zip folder some where in your system. After extracting the folder structure looks like below image.

Here you can see the four folders inside maven root directory.

Next you need to set the System variables.

First you need to set a new system variable ‘M2_HOME’ and put the value as full path of Maven home directory.

After that you need to update the value of ‘PATH’ environment variable add the full path of M2_HOME/bin, means the full path of Maven’s bin directory.

Now you have done with Maven setup, You can test your maven configuration has been done successfully or not. For testing the maven setup you need to open command prompt and type the ‘mvn -version’. If you got output as below screen your setup is ready for development.

Happy development with Maven!